so does it work?


you'll talk to us about your denim hopes and dreams, we'll pull pairs from our archives, and get them on that gorgeous bod of yours. based on what you're looking for, we will land on the perfect base pair and get to work. our pricing is an add-on menu based on your pair's wants and needs.


the fun part. we rip apart the seams on site and sew them back together based on your specific measurements. got hips that don't lie and a little middle? we got you. our jeans are made specifically for you to capture all the curves you love and hide the ones you hate (though to be clear- you are fine as hell).


after roughly an hour of spending time in our fantastic company, we get you back into the first fit of your new jeans. tweaks are made, pockets are placed to compliment your peach and you are good to go! we will finish your pair within a week's time, and get them back into your eager paws.

eternal happiness

built into every pair.

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